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Anxious about your first PMHNP role?

You don't have to do this alone.

Why I Started

I remember my first position as a PMHNP.   I felt so confident that I would have support and mentorship that I moved across the country to Arizona for the position.

But I was mistaken.  I was given complex cases and faced with ethical dilemmas I was not prepared for in school. I never received the mentorship or support that I was promised. I spent hours after work reading charts, researching and taking notes throughout the night.  It was months before I felt comfortable.  I felt alone. 

And I don't want you to go through that. 

It's not safe for patients, and it is not the way to start a career you dreamed of having.

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My Story

My name is Maria and I'm your local Arizona psychiatric nurse practitioner!  I was raised in Massachusetts and moved to Arizona in 2017.  

I currently own a telehealth practice in Arizona - Paperflower Psychiatry, LLC specializing in children, adolescents, young adults and perinatal psychiatry.  I have precepted many PMHNP students over the past few years and I previously served as an instructor for several nursing programs. 


Serving the community has always been important to me.  For a period of time, I was the Director of Behavioral Health at Clinica PACH.  In my private practice, I provide asylum evaluations pro-bono. I recently provided a Mental Health 101 presentation to providers in Kenya via the Addis Clinic. 

Perhaps most Importantly, I am "mama" to Mayumi.   I was recently forced to choose between a teaching career in higher education which I loved and spending time with my daughter.   So I decided to leave that position and move forward with teaching in a new (mom friendly) way. 

So somehow, we've both made it here! 

Now what can I actually offer you?

PMHNP Success Programs

Everyone requires varying levels of support depending on their position, learning styles and comfort levels.  I currently offer mentorship and coaching through video, text and email platforms.  

Video Coaching

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30, 45 or 60 minute coaching sessions

Video Coaching sessions can be utilized for a multitude of reasons -- case reviews,  psychopharmacology in clinical use, diagnostic clarifications, billing, coding, time management in practice and building evaluation templates.

Text/Email Support Plan

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One Month Package

You will receive Maria's personal number to ask questions regarding complex cases, dosing, and to gain support throughout your work week (and during the time on the weekends you are still stressing about work.. "did I do the right thing?"

Spots are limited on a monthly basis - first come first serve. Inquire below.

Full Coaching Package

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One Month Package

This package includes one hour video session along with unlimited text and email support throughout the month.

Spots are limited on a monthly basis - first come first serve. Inquire below.

Interested in a coaching package? Let's connect.

*I am no longer seeing patients or precepting students*

928 504 4700 ext 709

Thank you for your submission - I will be back to you as soon as I am able.

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